Boys Brigade 3rd Halifax ‘Open Evening

The Junior Section of Boys Brigade is currently celebrating its centenary. As part of the celebrations our company is attempting to complete 100 challenges this year. Our latest challenge was to invite a local person to talk about their work. We therefore decided to welcome the current Deputy Mayor, Councillor Jane Scullion and her consort to the Civic Centre.

As the Boys Brigade is a Christian organisation the boys, their parents and ‘friends’ of the company together with Councillor Scullion, her consort and driver worked together to bake Easter Tomb buns. Next the boys showed the Deputy Mayor how to play indoor kurling and indoor bowling before Councillor Scullion explained to the boys why she had become a councillor and let them look and touch her chain of office.

The evening finished with Mrs Hartwell explaining the story of the resurrection of Christ and everyone enjoying refreshments including the steaming Easter Empty Tomb Buns.

While having a cup of well earned tea, Councillor Scullion said, “I had a great time at Luddenden Foot Civic Centre and it is wonderful to see people from across the community come together to enjoy an evening like this. It is lovely to see the Community Association providing a place for children to enjoy themselves”. She thanked Mrs Hartwell an officer of 3rd Halifax Company for organising the evening.

A welcomed game of indoor bowling with Concillor Scullion